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Automotive enthusiast and connoisseur of life.

About Tim

Tim is a collector. Long before he could drive it was collecting Hot Wheels, then Comic Books then collecting his favourite records.

From 16 years of age he began the quest to fill his "toy box" with the cars he had dreamed about as a boy. There was one small catch, Tim wasn't wealthy. He began setting aside money to fund his new hobby and eventually came to buying and selling cars. Finally he was able to drive and own the cars he had dreamt of. He went on to work simultaneously in the music and creative services industry and in the automotive industry via creating new companies bringing both products and services to the market.

Tim's Enthusiast Garage represents a new chapter for Tim.

From starting a collection to understanding depreciation curves to buying and selling cars you like to fund the purchase of a car you LOVE.

TEG focuses on cars in Tim's personal collection, up and coming collectibles, reviews of products for the collector and videos of Tim driving the cars of his dreams on road and track. TEG is now in it's first season of 20 episodes and will culminate in a spring / summer tour where you can meet Tim and see one of the cars from the series at a variety of car shows, cars and coffee events, and in June a trip with Tim to Tail of the Dragon and the Biltmore Estate and culminates with a trip to Germany to visit Spa and the Nurburgring for track days and even enjoying some Octoberfest first hand with Tim. Now THAT is a tour. Collecting is all about the experience, the people the cars and what it brings to your life.

Each Season will be supported with a tour and with art work and apparel featuring the cars from the series.