Honda NSX factory tour


Honda NSX factory tour

Take an inside look at Honda PMC where the NSX is born

Earlier this spring I was granted access to the Performance Manufacturing Center at Honda of America where each and every Honda NSX is hand crafted by loving artisans. WHAT A PRIVILEGE. The factory was absolutely as clean and as state of the art as you would expect. One main reason I wanted to document this factory is really just to give owners the opportunity to see these cars being built. To sort of catalog this experience so that 10 years from now some lucky owner could look up this video and take a glimpse into the world of NSX assembly and know that these cars were assembled by absolutely uncompromised and passionate enthusiasts.

Please take a few minutes and watch this video. Share it with a friend. Revel in the fact that this car is made in the United States with a serious attention to detail. One only Honda could embue.

Thanks for watching!!