R34 Skyline Print (Enthusiast Garage Comics 2)


R34 Skyline Print (Enthusiast Garage Comics 2)

Enthusiast Garage Comics returns with Godzilla for Poster 2

I love comic books. I started collecting when I was about 12 years old and still have all the Silver age comics I bought back then as a kid. I have worked closely with Andrew Mytro to bring t shirt and Print designs that echo that love for Comic books.

This print is the second in a line of "Enthusiast Garage Comics" by artist Andrew Mytro, Tim's long time art cohort. 

Printed on heavy stock this vibrant image of the R34 doing it's best to scare children and dominate race tracks thus earning the name "Godzilla". 

 These posters measure 18x24" and are the perfect addition to your garage, man cave or as framed artwork in your home if you made the right marital partner choice. 

* ships in 2 weeks from time of order depending on stock level.