Scirocco by the Bridge Print


Scirocco by the Bridge Print

This 18x24" Print brings tasteful automotive art, conversation and nostalgia to any room

Automotive art isn't just for the garage. Vehicle design is compelling, nostalgia inducing and beautiful. Add style to any room with one of the artist renderings offered from Tim's Enthusiast Garage.

The Scirocco 16V was the second car I owned back in the 90's when I was a kid. I always loved the lines and had regretted selling that car for a solid decade when I found another one in Flash silver. Fast forward today I know own the car pictured here but man building the dream is never cheap. This car is featured in season 2 of Tim's Enthusiast Garage 

printed on high quality paper with matte to medium gloss finish

**ships within 2 days of order.