The most overlooked up and comer


The most overlooked up and comer

The C215 and W220 are compared and the CL emerges the clear victor

The depreciation curve is something I talk about quite a bit. Big Benz Coupes have always been cars that sink to the absolute bottom  (due to fear of complexity and bank ruin no doubt) only to rebound mightily. Take for example the mighty C126 560 SEC and 500 SEC. Those are starting to bring real money for good examples and they will only rise over the next decade. Add to that the relative rarity and you have a guaranteed collector car on your hands.

It was with this knowledge that my son, Ethan, selected a C215 CL500 AMG as his first real car. He had bought a Scirocco back before he had his license and sold it to buy a TT (which he learned to drive manual on) which he then sold on to fund his CL acquisition. He bought the lowest mile one owner car he could afford and for less than the price of a similar era mint condition Civic he had a 60k mile CL with a window sticker of over $106,000.

These cars are absolutely fantastic to drive. The ABC is absolutely fantastic. Keeping the car totally flat no matter the bend. I have fond memories of the CL55 being the F1 safety car and marveling at it’s suspension. I get that it adds weight and mechanical complexity but the innovative and excessive is what one expects from this level of car.

In Season 2 episode 3 of Tim’s Enthusiast Garage, I outline much of what makes this car great. While the W220 came in some pretty spectacular flavours (think S55 and S65), while it offers a truly superlative ride they suffer from rot more than the 215’s and are somehow less evocative than the coupes. The pillar less coupe greatness that is the C215 CL is worth consideration and if you have space, I am saying buy two. Cheers, Tim