This Fiat X 1/9 was built by a 17 year old from the ground up. WOW.


This Fiat X 1/9 was built by a 17 year old from the ground up. WOW.

Bertone Designed X 1/9 reveals it's inner Stratos through tasteful refinement.

We waste a lot of time. Maybe I should say I waste alot of time. Never have I been more accutely aware of this fact than upon meeting Brayden. At 16 years of age he found a forelorn X 1/9 and immediately knew he had a vision for this car. WOW. did he ever. More lithe and lovely than a Stratos and honestly prior to seeing this car that isn't a comparison I would make lightly. This car is a gorgeous piece of work. Loving attention to detail fills every corner from nose to tail.

I cannot begin to express my surprise with just how well this car drove. The thing that stood out most to me was just how structurally ridged it was without additional chassis stiffening. I really did not expect that. In terms of pace it and nearly every car from this era are out gunned by even moderate performance cars from our current modern era. That is no bad thing because while it takes about 6 and a half seconds to get to 60 mph you have 6 and a half seconds to enjoy that glorious noise. This car is blessed with a rebuild that allows it to rev to in excess of 7,800 rpm and it feels SO stout at the top of the range. Pretty amazing and to be honest, sub 7 second 0-60 was pretty impressive in this time period (granted this car isn't stock mechanically)

Blessed with wide fender flares and custom picked offset wheels this car looks as aggressive as it performs. In terms of performance this car feels about as stout as a 914-6 and no I am not exaggerating.


I hope you take time to watch the video above and while your at it check out the rest of the season 1 videos. I have tried to bring light to some lesser known gems and this Fiat certainly falls into that category.

There are many things that will always stand out to me about this first season. What will remain firmly in my memory is how this little Fiat managed to be as interesting and memorable as my pal Bill's 458 Spider I reviewed earlier in the season. Both are topless Italians. Both get the blood pumping. Both would be fantastic additions to YOUR enthusiast garage. As always thanks for watching and Cheers!